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Leroy's Midnight Victor
Victor at 4 weeks old.

(By Buster's Fair Leroy x Midnight Lunar)

Midnight Lunar gave birth the 5th of April, around midnight, very appropriate! A sturdy palomino colt with a decent blaze, stockings on hind legs and most probably socks on the fore legs. The distinction between yellow and white is not clear yet on the fore legs but the hoofs are very light in color, so it seems that there are socks.

Leroy's Midnight Victor at 4 weeks

His date of birth is the Dutch liberation day, that's why we'll call him Victor. His full name to apply for: Leroy's Midnight Victor.

Victor and Maryan at Exloo.

Victor in August 2009

Victor grew out to be a beautiful TWH with long strides!  In 2009 he was shown as representative of the TWH breed at the annual Dutch Horse Event in Deurne. Victor loved the attention of the public, especially the children. It was his first show alone and he did it very well.

Victor meets Hoochy

Just before Victor left to go to Martin, he met our new young dog, Hoochy, in the meadow!


Midnight Victor is now in training with Wing Walker Farm, and at the moment, he's not for sale.

Leroy's Midnight Victor Leroy's Midnight Victor Leroy's Midnight Victor

Last Updated: June 13, 2010